Launching our first issue in 2019, SLOW journal is an independent digital + print publication.

With over 30 thoughtful stockists around Australia, we occupy space in eco-stores, cafes, yoga studios, artisan collectives, conscious boutiques and more.

There’s a saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child….

Well, in our eyes it takes a whole community to write an issue of SLOW.

So what’s it all about anyway?

Imagine all of the good parts of life, you know, those fairy floss skies on a balmy evening, that moment you truly understand stillness through the pause of your breath, and that first sip of hot coffee on a crisp morning.

It’s about the people and businesses you meet on your path who take pride in treading a little lighter and believe in investing in real connections above competition.

You know, those people you meet along the way who become friends beyond colleagues and support your early morning creative ramblings.

Well that’s us, that’s the community and energy behind each issue of SLOW.

Our aim is simple. To educate, share and create a community of more mindful people who take care of the planet, it’s inhabitants and each other.

We’re all here encouraging you to go a little slower, stay a little longer and breathe a little deeper.

Explore with us.

xx Jane + the SLOW team

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